Maes Awyr {maze-hour}, n. Welsh, meaning airport

MaesAwyr, LLC is an aviation planning, design, and development consultancy, offering creative and comprehensive aviation program delivery expertise to communities, aviation businesses, aviation consultants, and state aviation agencies for general aviation, commercial, corporate, statewide, and private projects. Our clients benefit from the lessons we've learned on both small projects and large-scale programs and will gain practical, viable, sustainable, and financially-feasible solutions to their issues, whether routine or entirely unique.

We know a safe, efficient, well-maintained airport is an integral part of your community’s transportation infrastructure and an essential economic development resource, so we plan for growth and opportunities.

In our experience, when consultants listen carefully, communicate routinely, think creatively, deliver great products, all the while staunchly maintaining client service as the core of their business values, both the client and the business succeed. We are these consultants.

We welcome you to click through our website to see what we're about and what we do. Or, better yet, give a call or email to chat about how MaesAwyr can contribute to your next project.